Ashampoo Music Studio

Ashampoo Music Studio 9.9

Organizes the users' entire music collection

Keeps all your songs and albums organized, extracts the music from video clips and burns your tracks to CDs. Additional functions include the ability to design covers and inlays for your music disks. The tool also embeds audio editing capabilities such as cutting, crossfading, sound normalization, etc.

Ashampoo Music Studio is comprehensive solution for manipulating music and sounds. This all-in-one application can help you perform several tasks, such as simple audio editing, creating disc covers and burning discs. I recommend you to be alert while installing this program, or it will add a new toolbar to your web browser and replace its default page.
The interface can simply be described as great: it is a modern task-oriented interface, similar to that of Windows Media Center, with nice visual effects. In addition, it is available in many languages. The navigation through this interface is very easy. There is a welcome screen from where you can access the different functions in a wizard style, which helps you focus on the particular task. This way, the functions are grouped into Extract, Burn, Organize, Modify, Record, Edit Cover, Mix Tape and Video2Music. In general, these groups include converting audio files, editing audio files, editing file tags, normalizing audio, create disc covers, combine sound files and extracting audio from video, among others. One limitation of this interface is that it does not allow dragging and dropping files so you will need to use the more conventional Open dialog box instead.
Being intended for the general user, this application is limited in terms of audio editing as it provides only a few basic functions, as adding effects like crossfading and fading or replacing a segment with silence. In addition, although the program allows playing sound files from some of its functions; in my opinion, it could certainly be more complete if it just included a media player. However, I do think these limitations make it less valuable.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It includes several features
  • It has a great, intuitive interface
  • It has a multi-language interface
  • It has an affordable price


  • The interface does not allow dragging and dropping the files to open
  • Audio editing features are limited
  • It does not include a media player
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